White Rice

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White rice has its bran, germ and husk removed during processing. The grains are polished thereafter so that they have white and bright appearance. According to recent findings, white rice provides many health benefits, from providing energy to aiding in digestion. The forgoing process allows for long term storage. Recommended Storage…70 lbs per adult per year.
White rice can help to alleviate common digestive disorders like acid reflux, constipation and irregular bowel movement.
It contains high fiber content which improves the digestion process, as it helps to ensure that your body system remains regular.
White rice is rich in protein, which play a role in muscle development. As you age, the bones lose their density and as a result, you become vulnerable to a condition known as osteoporosis. For this reason, intake of whiter rice can strengthen your bones preventing muscle degeneration.
It is also high in manganese, which not only aids in bone growth but also improve the immune system as well. By incorporating this nutritious food in your daily meal, you have reduced chance of common cold and flu.

Available in 4 Gallon 27 lbs.
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