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Lentils are an ancient legume with a soft almost nutty texture when cooked. They are an excellent source of protein in your foundation storage program. They have long been a staple in south Asian diets.

Recommended storage of beans and legumes — 80lbs per adult per year.

Lentils carry almost the same calories and protein as large beans. 100 grams of lentils hold 352 calories and 24.63 g or 44% of recommended daily values of protein. Many people prefer lentils because unlike other large beans, lentils contain relatively less dietary fiber which makes them easier for digestion and they work well for those suffering from flatulence…They contain contain relatively high levels of many B-complex vitamins, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin and iron.

Available in 4 Gallon 28 lbs.
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