Black Beans

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Black Beans have a unique earthy flavor profile and have been a staple in many central and South American diets for years…but now the health benefits are being documented as well..for example black bean carbohydrates provide primarily a “resistant starch” i.e. the starch is not converted into simple sugars and our blood sugar level can avoid a quick rise. Second, they are a great source of Phytonutrients found in the “seed coat” …scientists conclude it makes sense to think about black beans in the same category as red cabbage, red onions, or even blueberries because they feature a rich flavonoid composition. And in large-scale human studies black beans have shown a general tendency toward better overall fat metabolism when included as part of a routine meal plan.
Recommended of Beans/legumes storage 80lbs per year.

Available in 4 Gallon 30 lbs.
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