At Fresh and Healthy Foods our focus is providing families superior foundational food storage products at very competitive prices. We do so by arranging group purchases and bulk shipments to provide you savings up to 50% below other food storage providers.

Families across the US have discovered our simple line of foundation food storage products. Because of the very competitive pricing and free shipping they are able to build up their foundation food storage with long lasting, superior foods.

Most importantly, they have the the peace of mind of knowing they are prepared for the days and years ahead.

We source our products in the prime growing regions of northern Utah and Idaho. We then test our products to insure quality. For example, our wheats are tested for dough strength and baking properties in a quality lab. So when you bake with our wheats you can be confident that your family will receive the finest quality baked goods and breads.

Likewise our beans, rice and sugar are prepared to meet the highest USDA food standards…then packed in an oxygen free Mylar bag for long term storage. So when you open the pail …whether in 1 year or 30 years …you can be assured the product delivers the superior taste and nutrition you expect.

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