At Fresh and Healthy Foods our focus is providing families superior foundational food storage products at very competitive prices. We do so by arranging group purchases and bulk shipments to provide you savings up to 50% below other food storage providers.

By sourcing our products from known farmers in the prime growing regions of northern Utah and Idaho we are able to purchase the highest quality hard wheat for our customers. We test our wheats for dough strength and baking properties. So when you bake with our wheats you can be confident that your family is getting the finest quality baked goods and breads.

Likewise our beans, rice and sugar are prepared to meet the highest USDA food grade standards. Then they are packed for long term storage. So when you open the pail …whether in 1 year or 30 years …you can be assured the product delivers the superior taste and nutrition you expect.

To insure ease of handling, our products are packed in convenient stackable 4 gallon plastic pails (maximum weight 30lbs). Each pail has a sturdy plastic handle.

To maintain freshness each bucket is lined with a sealed Mylar bag that includes an oxygen absorber. These stackable pails minimize required storage space and are readily portable in case you are moving.

Families across the US have discovered our simple line of foundation food storage products. Because of the very competitive pricing and free shipping on group orders*, they are able to build up their foundation food storage with long lasting, superior foods.

*Individual orders are assessed shipping charges according to total weight… give us a call!


Thanks for your Interest…to start a group, call Pete at 816-506-5334. We’ve made organizing a group simple and easy… no money to collect… all orders handled by our team… let’s chat.

We have developed the Fresh & Healthy products to be very low-cost, (in many cases 50% or less than what competitors charge), highly nutritious with long stable shelf lives.

We accomplish the savings by buying products directly from our long-standing growers, producing long term food storage in large quantities and distributing a truckload at a time.

Taken together we hope our fresh and healthy products will be a blessing for you and your family.

All the best,
Pete and Lauren Arendt